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dipti, content
He gets us back on track and reminds us to be objective about our tasks.

navdha, styling
He’s a cool boss who bribes us with possibilities of Bar Crawls and it works!

nayan, creative
He pushes us to learn new skills and upgrade ourselves.

The Superstar
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“Like every parent I too was concerned about the safety of my child online, but when I chanced upon worldoo.com it was nothing like I had seen before! Full of content specially dedicated to kids and free of clickable ads, this was one platform that I am happy my 9-year old son Eshaan is on! Games, cartoon, animals and quizzes, but what Eshaan specially likes is gifting stars to underprivileged kids through Tara on worldoo.com. Being as engaging as it is, worldoo.com is a great platform for any parent to introduce their child to the internet. Here you can rest assured that your child is in safe hands.”

Ms. Vandana Phugalia

worldoo mom

“worldoo.com has opened a whole new world of content for my 10 year old daughter Priyatarani. Being curious by nature, Priyatarani enjoys learning about animals and their habitats on Doo Zoo. Apart from this she loves the quizzes that come with each movie release. With worldoo.com, I am assured that she will get aspects of content only pertaining to her age and her ability to understand. What I appreciate about the platform is that it has opened lines of communication between me and my daughter, thus enabling us to discuss our Internet experiences without hesitation.”

Ms. D. Laxmi Prasanna,

worldoo mom

“worldoo.com is like a breath of fresh air as far as online platforms for kids are concerned. This platform has gone beyond edutainment to provide my 9-year old son Arin with content that he needs and likes, thus ensuring that he does not get tempted to seek content on other inappropriate platforms. My biggest concern with the internet was that my child would become a loner, but worldoo.com allows him to interact with other kids of his age. This has expanded his perspective towards the world around him and enabled him to use the internet constructively.”

Dr. Yashi Binay,

New Delhi

Ours is a store from where generations have shopped. Somewhere along the line, we felt like we were stuck in a time warp in terms of our image but the looks that we see on the app make us look like a young & hip store. See N Pick is helping us find the positioning, we deserve.

Retailer: Sanjay Mehta

Store: Milan Lifestyles

The feature that enables consumers to browse our products anytime and anywhere is a game-changer for us. Our store virtually doesn’t have a closing time for those who want to make the buying decision. It's high time retailers understand the importance of going digital to reach out to today's tech savvy consumers.

Retailer: Rahul Shah

Store: Selections

The promise of the seamless integration has wowed us. We want to offer the consumers the convenience to discover us on all channels – online as well as offline. See N Pick makes it possible.

Retailer: Dharmesh Shah

Store: Options Fashion Mall